Agora’s Live Shopping Technology: A Comprehensive Look

Agora Unveils Real-time Engagement APIs for Brands

Agora, renowned for its “real-time engagement” APIs, has opened up its livestream shopping technology to a broader audience. They intend to aid brands in curating unique live commerce experiences ranging from shoppable shows and live auctions to personal shopper livestreams. This innovative technology has been under beta testing since 2022.

Features of Agora’s Live Shopping API

The live shopping API from Agora allows businesses to integrate interactive live streams directly into their platforms. By showcasing their products in real time, companies have the potential to elevate their sales numbers. The technology isn’t just about sales; it’s an interactive tool offering customer support via live chat. Other vital features comprise:

  • Multiple camera viewing angles
  • Video captioning capabilities
  • Reaction emojis for enhanced user engagement
  • Polling options
  • Co-live streaming alternatives
  • Customized filters for a tailored viewing experience

Innovations and Upcoming Features

Agora continues to explore and experiment. They’re beta testing an AI-driven video content moderation tool with trust and safety company ActiveFence. This feature aims to shield users from potentially harmful or inappropriate content. Real-time transcription is another feature in the works, offering live AI-powered transcription and subtitling. There’s also an emphasis on new signalling features to boost synchronization.

A Choice for Leading Brands

Top retail brands and platforms have opted for Agora‘s real-time engagement platform. As per Tony Zhao, CEO of Agora, the platform is currently the backbone of the live shopping experience on numerous websites and applications, from chic fashion labels to esteemed professional sports teams.

Zhao highlighted the platform’s efficacy: “Our clientele has witnessed up to a 3x surge in conversion rates post-implementing our solutions.”

Spotlight: CommentSold’s Success Story

CommentSold, a live selling platform catering to over 7,000 mid-tier fashion retailers, has successfully harnessed Agora’s technology. The platform provides sellers with the flexibility to include collaborators in their live streams using links or QR codes, ensuring they still have control over the live stream. Their success? A whopping $3.8 billion in gross merchandise value (GMV).

Andrew Chen, chief product officer at CommentSold, expressed his enthusiasm, “We’re on the brink of a major paradigm shift in live selling. The features we’re introducing will revolutionize the ways sellers can engage audiences and augment sales.”

Beyond Live Shopping: Agora’s Expansive Product Suite

Agora’s expertise isn’t confined to live shopping. Their product suite spans digital whiteboards tailored for educators, a voice-calling SDK, a 3D spatial audio extension, telehealth solutions, and more.

The U.S. Live Shopping Scenario

The live shopping trend is catching on in the U.S., with projections placing the market’s worth at $31.7 billion this year. However, in contrast to the overwhelming $1 trillion e-commerce sales of 2022, live shopping is still budding. With China leading the live shopping arena at a market value of $327 billion, the U.S. undoubtedly has milestones to achieve.

FAQs on Agora’s Live Shopping Technology

1. What is Agora’s live shopping technology?

Answer: Agora’s live shopping technology is a real-time engagement API designed to help brands build live commerce experiences. This can include shoppable shows, live auctions, personal shopper livestreams, and more.

2. How can Agora’s technology benefit businesses?

Answer: With Agora’s live shopping API, businesses can integrate interactive live streams directly into their platforms. This allows them to showcase their products in real time, potentially boosting sales and providing real-time customer support via live chat.

3. What unique features does Agora’s live shopping API offer?

Answer: Agora’s live shopping API boasts multiple features, including camera angles, video captioning, reaction emojis, polling, co-live streaming, and custom filters.

4. Are there any new platform features Agora plans to add?

Answer: Yes, Agora is constantly innovating. They’re beta testing an AI-driven video content moderation tool and are working on real-time transcription that provides live AI-powered transcription and subtitling services. They are also focused on improving synchronization through new signalling features.

5. How have brands responded to using Agora’s technology?

Answer: Top retail brands have chosen Agora’s real-time engagement platform for their live shopping experiences. One notable client, CommentSold, has facilitated over $3.8 billion in gross merchandise value using the platform.

6. How does live shopping in the U.S. compare to other markets like China?

Answer: Live shopping is gaining traction in the U.S. with an estimated market value of $31.7 billion. However, compared to China’s live shopping market, valued at $327 billion, the U.S. has some catching up.

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