Reminiscing the MacBook Pro 2017: Was It All That?


Alright, tech enthusiasts, remember when Apple dropped the MacBook Pro 2017? That shiny new toy had many of us drooling while some were left scratching their heads. Let’s stroll down memory lane and chat about this iconic device.

The First Impression: 

When I first saw the MacBook Pro 2017, I thought, “Man, Apple’s done it again!” The sleek aluminum body felt like holding a piece of the future. And the screen? Crystal clear. But it wasn’t just about looks – this machine promised performance, too.

The Good Stuff:

  1. Design: It was love at first sight. Apple’s signature elegant design was complete with a silvery shine. Plus, it was slim – slim!
  2. Display: That Retina display was nothing short of spectacular. Every photo looked sharper, and every movie more vibrant. It was like a visual treat every time I opened the lid.
  3. Sound: I’m no audiophile, but even I could tell the sound was a leap forward. The speakers were louder and more apparent, making my impromptu dance sessions (don’t judge) even more fun.

The…Not So Good Stuff:

  1. Keyboard: Oh, the butterfly keyboard! Some days, I felt like a typing wizard, but other times, especially after that one coffee spill…not so much. It had a unique feel, but it had its critics (and maybe rightly so).
  2. Port Situation: Okay, having only USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 ports felt like being in an exclusive club, but it was a hassle. Were they digging for a dongle to plug in my old USB devices? Yeah, it’s not fun.
  3. Touch Bar: It looked calm, but did we need it? It felt like a feature searching for a purpose at times. Emojis at my fingertips were fun, but was it groundbreaking? The jury’s still out.

How It Stacked Up: 

Compared to 2016, the 2017 model felt like a polished, refined sibling. However, in hindsight, and after playing with the newer versions, it feels like Apple was still testing the waters, figuring out what works and what doesn’t.

Digging Deeper: The Unsung Features

While we’ve touched upon the major talking points, some subtler features often didn’t make headlines but made the 2017 MacBook Pro quite the companion.

  1. Battery Life: Apple claimed a 10-hour battery life, and for the most part, they weren’t kidding. Binge-watching my favorite shows or working on a project for hours, the MacBook Pro 2017 stood by me. Well, that’s on me until I fired up too many power-hungry apps!
  2. Cooling: One underrated aspect was how this device managed heat. Whether I was editing videos or had too many tabs open (guilty as charged), it never turned into a scorching slab of metal on my lap.
  3. The Trackpad: Massive. Responsive. A joy to use. It felt like having a dance floor under my fingertips. And those multi-finger gestures? Smooth as butter.

When Reality Hit: Repair and Durability

After the honeymoon phase came the occasional hiccups. Remember the dreaded “flexgate,” where some users reported issues with the display? Or when the butterfly keyboard went rogue after trapping just a speck of dust? These were moments that tested our patience and, honestly, our wallets.

The Legacy It Left Behind:

Looking back, what stands out about the MacBook Pro 2017 is how polarizing it was. For every person who raved about its aesthetics and performance, there was another lamenting over its practicality and repair challenges. But here’s the clincher: it was never dull.

In a sea of look-alike laptops, it stood out, dared to be different, made bold decisions (for better or worse), and set the stage for the future. The following MacBook models learned from its experiments, incorporating the hits and phasing out the misses.

Signing Off:

Buy a MacBook Pro 2017 today as a collector’s item or someone needing a solid machine with some quirks. But its value lies in the memories it gave us and the conversations it started. Here’s to the MacBook Pro 2017: a device that wasn’t just a laptop but a statement.

MacBook Pro 2017 – Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the key differences between the MacBook Pro 2017 and its predecessor, the MacBook Pro 2016?

A: The 2017 model received internal upgrades, mainly for faster and newer processors. While both models shared similar design aesthetics, the 2017 model boasted improved performance. However, both models retained the controversial butterfly keyboard and the USB-C-only port configuration.

Q: How does the MacBook Pro 2017 handle newer software updates and applications?

A: The MacBook Pro 2017 is a few years old and can handle most of the latest macOS updates and modern applications. Its performance with newer, resource-intensive applications might be smoother than the latest MacBooks, but it remains a competent machine for various tasks.

Q: I’ve heard a lot about the butterfly keyboard issues. Are all MacBook Pro 2017 models affected?

A: The butterfly keyboard, introduced in 2016 and used in the 2017 model, has been reported to have reliability issues, such as keys sticking or becoming unresponsive. However, not all users or units experienced these problems. Apple recognized the issues and implemented a Keyboard Service Program for affected devices.

Q: Can I upgrade the RAM or SSD on my MacBook Pro 2017 after purchase?

A: The MacBook Pro 2017 has RAM and SSD soldered to the motherboard, making after-purchase upgrades virtually impossible for most users. It’s always recommended to anticipate your future needs and buy a model with sufficient memory and storage.

Q: Does the MacBook Pro 2017 have a headphone jack?

A: Unlike the iPhone lineup from the same era, the MacBook Pro 2017 retains the 3.5mm headphone jack.


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